DECC-Data-base for Energy Consumption of Commercial building

Announcement of DECC Public Database

While various actions are taken as countermeasures to environmental and climate change in Japan, there is an increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the domestic sector and the others sector that constitutes the commercial sector. Especially, the others sector (commercial buildings) shows the largest rate of increase in all the sectors, and the understanding of energy consumption caused by such buildings is considered to be important. From this, we disclosed the energy consumption data of commercial buildings (commercial sector), which were investigated from 2007 to 2009 by the gData-base for Energy Consumption of Commercial building (DECC) Research Committeeh, established with the support of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the energy industry. In addition, we compiled the data examined thereafter and updated the consumption data as the 2013 version, and have now decided to disclose it.

Sectioning the country into 8 areas, our investigation was carried out by a combination of industry, government and universities, headed by each area-based university. The database covers commercial buildings all across the country; making the database the largest such amount of data in Japan. In addition, the considerable understanding and cooperation of building owners and administrators underlies the success of the investigation.

The committee envisions the database will be utilized as a basic material for policy planning, and as an evaluation index of environmental performance for buildings, by governments, universities, and research institutes.

To properly handle the database, we require registration of the userfs name, affiliation, and contact information, and agreement with the glicensing of the public databaseh. Downloads are available on the next page after the license agreement and user registration.