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Downloads are available on the next page after the license agreement and user registration.
Moreover, in order to send information about the DECC public database, please understand beforehand that your mail address is required.
Those who wish to re-download need to register again, even if you have already previously registered.
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Explanation about personal information collection.

Please read the following "privacy policy" well and please apply for it after consent.

[Privacy policy]

JSBC will handle personal information that the user registered in the DECC public database (henceforth DECC) as follows:

Purpose of use

JSBC does not use the user's personal information except for the following purposes:

  • For sending information such as changes in DECC
  • For sending information about events related to DECC
  • For sending questionnaires about DECC
  • For studies, such as how to improve DECC
  • For sending other information related to JSBC

Change in the purpose of use

JSBC may change the purpose of use within limits that will be rationally accepted if it has the purpose of using each of the preceding clauses, and has considerable relevance. When the purpose of use is changed, JSBC will announce it beforehand or make an official announcement.

Safety control measures

JSBC strives to take the required safety control measures in order to prevent disclosure, alterations, and disappearance of personal information.
In making employees handle user's personal information, JSBC acts as the required and suitable supervisor of an employee so that safety management can be secured.
When entrusting the handling of personal information outside the company, it charges the parties concerned with suitable security protection duties; in addition, JSBC carries out management and supervision.

Provision to a third party

JSBC may supply on occasion user's personal information based on the rule of law.

Disclosure of information to the user himself/herself

The user can request disclosure all of his/her information that JSBC holds to JSBC based on the disclosure application in accordance with JSBC’s prescribed methods. In this case, JSBC may ask for presentation of the required information for identification. Answers to the disclosure claims are based on JSBC’s prescribed methods.


JSBC -- the user -- if a proposal is made by the person himself/herself, JSBC will respond to the correction claim/stopping use of personal information, etc., according to a predetermined procedure.

In order to maintain the accuracy of information, if there is a change (registration information, including mail address, etc.) of personal information, please inform the JSBC secretariat promptly.

Relation to the general provisions

Regarding matters that are not stated in the privacy policy of our company, JSBC publishes them at and they are dealt with according to regulations.

Revision of this document

JSBC may review the user's privacy policy and revise the contents.

If our contents are revised, we will make an announcement on the web page.

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