DECC-Data-bese for Energy Consumption of Commercial building

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DECC Database Terms of Use

The terms of use establish the licensing conditions of the Data-base for Energy Consumption of Commercial buildings (hereinafter referred to as DECC public database), distributed by the Japan Sustainable Building Consortium (hereinafter referred to as JSBC). An agreement on the terms of use is required for the use of DECC public database. Also, for the administrators of the JSBC and DECC public database, please be forewarned that we do not allow individual inquiries about the DECC public database.

1.Intellectual property rights

  1. The DECC public database is surveyed data about the energy consumption of commercial buildings (commercial sector), for which JSBC receives cooperation from third party organizations.
  2. The copyright and the moral rights of authors, and other intellectual property rights of all the copies created by the DECC public database and these licensing conditions belong to JSBC.
  3. A user shall not change the copyright notice, etc., which were displayed on the DECC public database, including all the copies.


  1. Provided by these licensing conditions, JSBC will give a license to a user who has properly registered in accordance with the given procedure (hereinafter referred to as the "user"), which allows non-exclusive and non-distributing use of the DECC public database.
  2. If it is either for private use or for non-private use, if you specify a source by a proper method under copyright law, the use of data is allowed. In addition, if it is to be used for commercial ends, please contact JSBC beforehand.
  3. JSBC may change the contents of the DECC public database, other related documents, and these licensing conditions by notification or official announcement.

3.Prohibited Matters

  1. A user shall neither correct, change, nor adapt the DECC public database, nor perform an act which infringes on the copyright of JSBC regarding the public database and moral rights of authors.
  2. Regardless of the situation concerning any name, a user shall not transfer, permit the reuse, nor distribute the DECC public database to a third party
  3. The user shall only use the DECC public database in Japan and shall not use it in a foreign country nor export it to a foreign country.

4.Exemption from Responsibility and Guarantee

  1. JSBC does not guarantee that there are no discontinuations and errors in the accuracy of the survey data offered, its marketability, conformity with a user's particular purpose, and operations regarding the DECC public database regardless of a clear tacit statement.
  2. When a user uses the DECC public database, even if the user suffers from damages or a user receives a reparations claim, etc., from a third party, JSBC bears no responsibility. The same applies if JSBC is aware of damages occurring.
  3. The warranty coverage of the DECC public database of JSBC only permits a re-download of a replacement that suits the specifications.


For the DECC public database, JSBC does not perform maintenance thereof and only provides information about bugs to users and information designated by JSBC at its discretion.


  1. JSBC can cancel the license based on these licensing conditions, if the user commits any breach of these licensing conditions and JSBC sends a letter demanding to fix such breach with a period setting of two weeks or more and such breach is not fixed in the period. However, this release shall not interfere with the exercise of the right to claim damages for the user of JSBC.
  2. If licensing is canceled based on the above 1., the user shall stop using the DECC public database, shall discard or eliminate their copy, and shall report the results to JSBC.
  3. Even if it is the case where licensing is canceled based on the above 1., in addition, the law regarding the exemption from responsibility, the guarantee, the applicable law, and the choice of the court that are provided in this licensing condition shall continue to that effect.

7.Applicable Law

The applicable law regarding this licensing condition is taken as the law of Japan.

8.Choice of Court

Any dispute with respect to the DECC public database or arising out of these licensing conditions shall be brought to the Tokyo District Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

If you agree to following terms and conditions of use, please click “ACCEPT”.